Promise for our future

On this website you will find short stories about what touches me in the world of art, nature and culture. ‬I also make images. Fiction and non-fiction. These are in fact inseparable and that’s why they are not shown apart from each other.
My texts and images show, so I hope, my involvement in the world of art and culture, in which I am active for over 30 years.‬ Nature is in this context the source of inspiration.‬‬ Art and culture are the basis of everything in society and are he ingrediënten making the world a better place. ‬They are a permanent source of inspiration. 
My device: creativity is the promise for our future.

Yellow goose


My contribution

I want to contribute to innovations in the arts and culture world, with which I have 30 years of experience in different positions. 

What I am good at is creating new collaborations, searching for the right blueprint for existing or set up organizations and looking for the right profile. 

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Fake images

Long, long time ago, after spending the holidays, you had to wait for the results of your pictures at least a week. There was always a risk of having blurred pictures or no pictures at all in the end. I heard this sad story the other day of someone who had made a long journey through Scandinavia in this analogue time. He had dozens of rolls with thousands of yet unrevealed pictures taken to the photoshop for developing. Finally he bursted into tears hearing the guy from the photoshop say that all images were black and blue. 

A real drama, I can tell you.
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The mountain (3)