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The backbone of society 

Art as a necessity 

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Popular and well-paid artists never have to apply for grants. They deliver a product whose purchase is assured. 
It is something to be proud of that music, art and theater are embraced by so many people. It is also something to distinguish it from other areas within the arts. The generally accepted art is not a model for the entire arts and culture sector. 
The artists admired by masses of people interpret forms of art which began once as an experiment in many cases, sometimes centuries ago. 

Mozart, Turner and the Rolling Stones 

We do not realize right away this in many cases generaly accepted art once were heavily discussed. 
Mozart defied the traditions and taboos of his time. Less well known is that the 19th century painter William Turner, whose work atracts masses, was ridiculed in his time. A good example of this is a cartoon, in which Turner is depicted as a painter with a swab. 
The Rolling Stones - Mick Jagger is now a 'Sir' - disturbed the public order only half a century ago. 25 years ago many people had negative feelings about the new extravagant museum in my city. Nowadays people are proud of it because it has put the city on the map. 
In other words, there is a history has preceded before an art form enters the living rooms of average global citizens and has become popular by the majority of the public. 

Exploring borders 

In the development of new forms and functions of art, people who explore the boundaries are playing an essential role. Their work is dependent on funding from government and funds. It is therefore the duty of the community to support this important work. The development of art and culture depends on it.  
There is an exaggerated emphasis on the quantitative performance of this sector, which is  so necessary at this time. The people who are working here must always justify themselves anytime and anywhere. It is because the art less and less is seen  as part of the infrastructure, the backbone of society. This is why tax money spent on arts  is under pressure. Some even find that every subsidy should be abolished for art. 

Firm place

It is about time that administrations, politicians and other opinion leaders stand right in front of the art world. 
There is a long way to go. 
A solid place for art in our society, starting with primary school education, benefits human welfare.

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January 2017