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Art against gut feelings


Honorary job

The word `elite` has a negative connotation. It has got it quite recently in human history, actually. Previously the elite had a different status. These were people from the social vanguard, which, admittedly privileged, initiated new developments. They were patrons for art and culture and they were socially engaged. They inspired, were an example for others. Some were member governments and parliaments. It was at a time when being a representative of the people was an honorary job, not a step in a career in the first place.

Gut feelings


This kind of elite, this vanguard, is getting extinct. The voice of the people is paramount. In these times of uncertainty, in a world that is increasingly complex, the people`s voice is extremely influenced by gut feelings. Let’s be clear about this: that is a human thing. Everybody has it. But on the long term it can be dangerous when this is the only leadership in society. In the absence of a government which is an inspiration for others and constructively deals with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty the society explodes.
There should be a chosen government with people who are able to interpret things in which others lost the way and with whom one can enter into conversation. But many politicians have become followers of the gut feeling.



For art and culture this is disastrous because they can no longer lean on true leadership, which derives from social engagement, human vision and the conviction that the world of tomorrow can be a better place for everyone. With the conviction that art and culture have an intrinsic value, meaning and make sense. 
Here and there you can catch a glimpse of it, but many politicians have become narcissists and careerists. How often do we see that a political career continues in an high paid position in the commercial world?



We are at a crossroad in history. But at crossroads you can crash very easily. That calls for social commitment of the arts. This commitment is slowly getting back with a vengeance. This is the bright spot on the horizon. But that is not enough. It is about time that people affected with an artistic, creative nature get into supervisory boards, parliaments and governments. We often have romantic reflections on the power of the imagination drinking a glass wine or so. But with a leading place for artistic and creative people this imagination really comes to power.

December 2nd, 2016

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